Superhero team members

Our Super Natural Sales staff is built on trust, honesty, and integrity... and Super Hero People. We attract and hire individuals with unique skill sets who are enthusiastic and innovative, and have a passion for the Natural Products Industry. We invest time and energy into our people as we are a family-first company. We are in the business of relationships and it starts with our zoetic team. Our super stars build relationships, place product, educate, support retail, and provide continuous communication. We love what we do and we do what we love with full-strength! We are proud to introduce to you our Super Heroes that make us proud everyday.


JanaÉa Riddle

Super Natural CEO

Wonder Woman is Janaéa's favorite super hero. Some of the characteristics that make Wonder Woman great include her superhuman strength, speed, and acute senses. Also, the fact that she's a flight master and is amazing at hand-to-hand combat makes Wonder Woman a potent force to be reckoned with!

Janaéa's childhood was filled with holistic remedies, starting with her Grandmothers preventative approach to health. She has fond memories of wheat grass growing in containers next to the window... long before wheat grass was “cool.” Ingrained in her from an early age was this essential philosophy; “natural foods, beauty, and supplements are a lifestyle.” A choice is made. This lifestyle of “well being” sparks her enthusiasm and ignites this business.

Janaéa has lived a versatile odyssey that has ultimately become the culmination of her entrance and success into this industry. Her dynamic background and her accomplishments give her a unique set of tools and strengths to pull from.

While earning her Bachelor's degree from Antioch University, Janaéa led the charge for domestic violence advocacy, and taught violence prevention in schools across Washington state. Her dedication to advance awareness in these humanitarian efforts have made an indubitable impact throughout the region. Amid her appointment as a board of directors member for FGI (Fashion Group International), Janaéa published a women’s newspaper, and championed an online magazine. She has been invited as the keynote speaker for non-profits, interviewed on radio, and MC'd fashion events. Janaéa has been a visible force in our region for the last 20 years.

Fueled by a love for the natural channel and the lifestyle it fosters, Super Natural Sales was built around two very simple ideas. First, advocate to further the cause of the brands Janaéa believes in. Second, offer an exceptional level of customer service.

You will find Janaéa to be a genuine leader. She is inspiring, infectious, energetic, and motivating. Her character and her deep passion for her team, the natural industry, and this lively brokerage cosmos touches every extremity of her Super Natural Sales squad, and all of those that cross.

Janaéa loves spending time with her husband and three sons. Depending on the season, you may find her on a ski slope, enjoying the beach, or at a sporting event cheering on her boys. She loves to play in the opulence of the Pacific Northwest.


A82I0201 (1).jpg

Sammy J. Riddle

Super Natural President 

Sammy's superhero is Thor. Thor, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather manipulation amongst his other superhuman shooting lighting from his hands!




Super natural CFO

Beau's favorite Superhero is Robin. Prior to becoming Robin, Tim Drake had trained himself in martial arts including Judo and Karate in addition to gymnastics he later furthered his training after becoming Robin, being taught by numerous teachers including Batman. Before he joined up with Batman, Robin stated on numerous occasions that he wishes to become "The World's Greatest Detective", a title currently belonging to the Dark Knight. Batman himself stated that one day Drake will surpass him as a detective


Chas Clawson 

Supernatural CIO

Chas' favorite superhero is Forge! Forge has knowledge of many scientific and technological fields and is a mutant with an unsurpassed brilliance in technology. This power allows him to instinctively recognize the potential and functional uses of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence gives him the ability to conceive, design and build highly advanced mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology


Courtney Burrell

Super Natural Account Manager /Merchandiser, Seattle area Whole Foods, PCC,  Super Supplements

Courtney’s favorite superhero is Aqua Man. For obvious reasons, he can breathe underwater and can protect marine life!


Taylor Fletcher

Super Natural Team Administrator

Taylor's favorite superhero is Flash. He is known for his super speed and what mom/working woman wouldn’t want to be able to get the house clean and work done in super speed time?


Sabrina Wright

Super Natural Account Manager, S. ID; E. OR

Sabrina's favorite superhero is the Black Bolt, his personal power was so great that he never even had to lift a finger to thwart his enemies, all he needed was the use of his voice.


Sequoia Ranson 

Super Natural Account Manager, Oregon 

Sequoia is Supergirl. When I'm not wearing my suit with a bright "S" on it flying through the skies, fighting the worlds Evils, I go by the name of Sequoia Ranson; a professional Saleswoman, a Mama of 2 little daughters who wear her out with their "out of this world" energy and smarts and wife to her Earthly hubby, Ron!

paul and kirsten wedding.jpg

Amanda Toberer

Super Natural Administer 

Amanda's superhero is Tahoe Phoenix who is telepathic and falls in love with Wolverine...bow chicka wow wow.


Edie Hoppin

Super Natural Ambassador, Seattle, WA

Wonder Woman has always been Edie’s favorite superhero, because of her feminine strength and focus on truth and justice. In addition, Edie also embraces the attributes of listening and compassion embodied by Kuan Yin.


Lacey Clawson

Super Natural Director of marketing

Lacey's favorite superheroes are the Wonder Twins.  She appreciates the value that team effort brings in solving large problems. She will tell from first hand experience that when it comes to collaboration, the sum of the parts can truly be greater than than the whole. Like the Wonder Twins, when people with different skills, backgrounds and culture come together amazing things happen. If she had to choose between the Twins skills of taking the shape of an animal or the form of water, she would probably choose water as it is such an essential part of all living things.


Marianne Orchard

Super Natural Director of Human Resources

Marianne's favorite super hero is Black Widow...for all of the obvious reasons. :)